The Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is complementing its overarching business engagement strategy with a focus on front-line staff skills development. ETA built the Expanding Business Engagement website to ensure that cutting-edge resources were available to front-line staff that need them most.
The site began with a focus on showcasing electronic tools for staff who work with business, but it has grown into a larger effort that encompasses the broad spectrum of business engagement strategies and activities that go on in local and regional communities across the country. Most importantly, this curriculum has been road-tested by local workforce system staff from across the country. In fact, they are featured presenters in many instances and their great work inspired us to feature it on the site. The site content is available at http:\ and features modularized content and facilitator guides on a variety of topics and tools that will engage business including competency models, Labor Market Information (LMI), and how to use social media. We are so pleased to add this series of training modules that get to the heart of building long-term relationships with customers, defining business services based on employer needs, and recruiting and hiring in today’s economy. We invite all of those dedicated professionals who work with employers in the field to join in a collective conversation with other workforce professionals from across the country using the site’s LinkedIn account. There you can share the your own experiences with the site, the curriculum and ask and receive ideas from colleagues and experts. We hope this exciting curriculum continues to expand your own business engagement efforts!