This month, the WorkforceGPS Team would like to introduce you to LMI Central, a portal to innovative and relevant sources of workforce and labor market information for data-driven planning.  The Labor Market Information (LMI) Central collection (or LMI Central for short) provides a diverse palette of LMI resources to assist you in "painting a picture" of your labor market and to help you improve your employment and training programs and policies.

Although the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) operates the site, it includes data both from and for all of its workforce network partners. 

On this site, you can keep abreast of new products, new tools, analysis techniques, and training events.  LMI Central also enables you to:

  • Access an array of resources
  • Find technical assistance and LMI training
  • Locate data producers and LMI-related organizations
  • Learn about datasets and electronic tools
  • Check out current market research and analysis
  • Learn about upcoming LMI events
  • Stay current on labor market indicators

To visit this collection today, click here.