This policy framework for Equitable Economic Recovery includes a set of three policy pillars and four guiding principles that provide a road map for how the country can deliver on the promise of economic advancement for all.

In response to historic inequities that have only been exacerbated during times of crisis, the authors urge policymakers to think about COVID-19 recovery differently. This recovery must be equitable, with a vision that ensures systemic transformation, fosters community revitalization, and provides individuals from all backgrounds with career and educational opportunities, as well as the supports they need to succeed. To realize that vision, the authors created a policy framework for Equitable Economic Recovery, to create a more resilient, more prosperous, and more equitable future.

The brief focuses three pillars of a policy framework that embody the following objectives:

  1. Helping People Rebound and Advance;
  2. Revitalizing Inclusive Regional Economies;
  3. Redesigning Education and Workforce Development.

The four guiding principles for policy development identified in the brief are as follows:

  1. Drive upward mobility;
  2. Close equity gaps;
  3. Build on what works, while catalyzing innovation; and
  4. Integrate and coordinate systems.

(The brief is 7 pages long.)

Major Findings & Recommendations

The elements that policy should be crafted to support each pillar are as follows:

  1. Helping People Rebound and Advance elements include skill-building and work supports; universal career navigation services; innovative financing options; and strong safety nets for vulnerable families.
  2. Revitalizing Inclusive Regional Economies elements include job-generating investments; sector-based strategies; an inclusive approach to economic development; and efforts to improve job quality for workers.
  3. Redesigning Education and Workforce Development elements include skills-based education and employment infrastructure; accelerated and efficient pathways; and integration of learning and work.