The intent of America's labor market information system is to disseminate information that aids decision-makers and promotes labor market-relevant, data-driven planning activities.

Labor market data-driven outcomes improve jobseeker employment prospects, inform worker career development, broaden business' access to a skilled labor pool, and help communities increase economic prosperity.

The Purpose of Producing Data for LMI Dissemination

The goal of labor market information dissemination is to advance the application and integration of data into decision-making in national, regional, state, and local workforce and economic development efforts. 

The analysis of labor market data and related workforce research assists in data-driven planning that ensures the best return on investments, when based on data that helps planners target services to achieve labor market outcomes.


The Supportive Role of Labor Market Data Dissemination

By establishing and supporting an active national labor market data dissemination system, and infusing the LMI data it makes available into decision-making, the labor market information system can:

• Identify demonstrated methods and data sources that have made effective use of data analysis and research in shaping critical planning for regional workforce and economic development decisions and strategies

• Share practices, methods, and techniques that help to facilitate and improve the application and integration of data, analysis and research among data producers and data consumers, and 

• Encourage and promote capacity-building and skill development on the part of data producers and consumers to make better use of established data sources and new tools and technology that support analysis and research.

The LMI System Infrastructure and Innovative Data Products

The multiple data producers and disseminators of LMI are working hard to innovate the ways in which they collect and share data with their customers. 

Electronic tools and databases, including those housed in the Analyst Resource Center and Projections Central, allow the warehousing of, and access to, a universe of historical data that is useful for trend analysis and employment projections as well as planning and decision-making.

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