In November 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) issued an ARRA LMI Grantee Product Catalog with summaries and links to many of the state deliverables funded by the Labor Market Information (LMI) Improvement Grants.

These grants were awarded in late 2009 as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s (ARRAs) stimulus program to ameliorate the recent recession.

Grantee Product Catalog for LMI Improvement Grants

The Product Catalog’s table of contents lists most of the state grantees, but because six of the grantees were multi-state consortia, not all of the participating states are listed.  To see which other states may have products not shown in the table of contents, please see the list of consortia state members in the ETA news release link provided.  


To learn more about the projects and their deliverables, geographic areas served and project participants, please refer to the link for detailed descriptions of the state LMI ARRA projects in the grant summaries.  Note that contact information in the summaries was current as of the time of issuance.

                    ARRA Grantee Product Catalogue image

Summary of LMI Improvement Grant Deliverables

The Summary of LMI Improvement Grants Final Report, entitled Investing in Labor Market Information (LMI), is an overview of the State LMI Improvement (LMII) grants. It is based on a review of all grantees’ statements of work and quarterly progress reports. It also includes information gathered from in-depth site visits with nine grantees.

This report summarizes information about these grantees’ goals, definitions of green jobs, partners and stakeholders, activities, products, and dissemination strategies for the 30 LMI grantees.