A wide range of data on businesses is needed to target business engagement strategies and activities that solve unique business solutions in local and regional communities across the country. 

Approaching firms with knowledge about their industry, business climate, market issues, etc. allows relevant data-driven dialogues, and adds value to the services you offer.

Data-Driven Business Engagement

Business services representatives target both industries and their business engagement strategies, designing approaches based on the economic and labor market data.  Data is the guide, because targeted business services provide customized solutions for each individual business situation. 

Offering an array of sector and industry strategies and solutions means there is a need to leverage the significant body of business knowledge and data already available, such as from the Census Bureau and other federal and state data sources.

See Guiding the Way with Labor Market Information and Business Intelligence for more information.

Business Engagement Collaborative Website

The Business Engagement Collaborative Community of Practice (CoP) provides cutting-edge resources, modularized content and facilitator guides on a variety of topics and tools that will help frontline staff engage and assist businesses, including the use of social media.

The CoP resources help you define solutions based on the business environment, and the typical workforce needs in today’s economy.

           Workforce System 101: Eight New Online Training Modules

Small Business Development and Partnership Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to assist you in building strong partnerships between the workforce development system and small business-serving organizations to strengthen small business development, business retention, entrepreneurship and self-employment in your community. 

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a Small Business Toolkit and Small Business Profiles available, too.

Employment and Disability Resources for Businesses

The Employment and Disability Community of Practice offers employer guides that were developed with an employer focus and were designed to educate employers, hiring managers and supervisors about proven strategies for hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities. 
Other tools (such as the 30-Second Trainings and Resource Guide) provide valuable information to support employers in hiring qualified workers who experience a disability, including strategies and resources that can assist in effectively accommodating all employees in achieving their maximum potential and productivity level.   

                          DEI Case Scenario Video Vignette 3