The workforce system offers an integrated network of programs in the one-stop career centers, also called America's Job Centers (AJCs).

Ideally, outreach, recruitment, referrals, intake, assessment, case management and program service delivery are offered seamlessly - transparent only to co-located partners, procured service providers, referring agencies and community resource partners.  Workforce information - or administrative data - can help with this integration.

Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

A vast array of workforce information resources - or program administrative data - help you to map assets, and identify resources and partner services to integrate into your service delivery model, and assess the effectiveness of putting together the pieces of a puzzle.

For more information, see Key Sources of Workforce Information, Administrative and Research Data Sources for Evaluation.


Integrated Service Delivery Toolkit

The Integrated Service Delivery Toolkit offers tools and resources for system leaders to utilize, including areas of focus:

  1. Policies,
  2. Program changes, and
  3. Information technology (IT) solutions.

Co-Enrollment and Coordination Across Programs

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) study of TANF and workforce coordination explores the strategies, defines levels of coordination, and includes a postscript addressing key cross-program integration and coordination points.

               Federal Service and Programs Eligibility Matrix 

Increased Common Intake

Strategies and tools for increasing integration at intake include:

  1. A guiding policy document for integrated intake;
  2. MOUs, waivers, referral procedures and other policy-alignment tools;
  3. Cross-program confidentiality agreements;
  4. Cross-trained staff members capable of assisting customers with a variety of tasks;
  5. Information sharing in a single MIS that integrates data from multiple workforce programs;
  6. Data warehouses that store customer information for multiple workforce programs;
  7. Linkages between existing MIS systems.

Integrated Resource Team Approaches and Strategies

The Integrated Resource Team (IRT) model represents a strategy to coordinate integrated services to job seekers with multiple challenges or barriers to employment.

With considerable knowledge of resources within the public workforce investment system and in the community, disability navigators often see the “big picture” and the many pieces needed to form the puzzle.
             Resources for Workforce System Success