(COS) has a variety of online tools and resources that can help a variety of populations meet their needs.  

Here, we want to highlight some of the tools and resources for diverse populations.

Resources for Special Populations 

ETA’s (COS) has a multitude of online tools and resources useful for every population:

Resources for Distinct At-Risk Groups

CareerOneStop also offers several targeted portals for individuals that have multiple barriers to employment and are among the most at-risk populations, such as:

Resources for the Long-Term Unemployed

For our clients who have recently lost their job or self-employment income source, their first needs might be to apply for unemployment and other benefits, or to find an immediate job to help them through a transition. 

For those who have longer detachments from the labor force, visit CareerOneStop’s Worker ReEmployment section, and check out the following selected tools and resources:

                    Job seeker writing resume and job applications

Resources for Those Impacted by Layoffs or Disasters

For individuals impacted by disasters and needing virtual services, (COS) recently released the Employment Recovery website.  This new online resource contains information for those impacted by layoffs, natural disasters, etc.  

See also the Disaster Recovery Resources on CareerOneStop for more resources.