In these videos and e-learning training series, you will find helpful information on both ensuring your participants' success in entering the world of work, and in recording that success. 

While these videos were created for YouthBuild grantees, the same principles apply to all employment and training programs.

The career goals your customers attain need to lead to self-sufficient employment, and documenting those results helps you evaluate program effectiveness.

Post-Program Placement e-Learning Series

The following modules are included in this series. 

A. Preparing Students for Careers

These videos show that career readiness is part of leadership development, and it begins with the core values of the program.

B. Partnering with Post-Secondary Institutions

This module covers partnership principles.

C. Post-Secondary Readiness

This module discusses elements of post-secondary readiness.

D. Employer Partnerships

These videos highlight important principles in creating and maintaining employer partnerships.

E. Sector Strategies

This module describes the sector approach, and the importance of doing labor market analyses.

D. Career and Post-Secondary Education Development

This video focuses on the importance of measurable progress and setting goals along for competency attainment.

MIS Data Entry e-Learning Series

This training series speaks to the data entry steps needed for aligning your program practice with your performance goals. 

This includes the planning stages, data collection, accurate data entry into the management information system (MIS), and data verification.  Below are the various sessions.

1: Planning for Program Success

During this session, you will learn about aligning your program practice with your performance goals. 

2: Creating a Culture of Good Data Management

The second half of the e-Learning series moves beyond the planning stages, and highlights steps necessary to ensure that data is accurately collected, entered, and verified to meet reporting requirements.

   Part 1: Roadmap, Defining Staff Roles, Data Management

   Part 2: Exits and Follow-up, Reviewing your Report, Service Tracker Tool   

3: Using the MIS Reports for Better Data Management

This series provides an introduction to using an ad hoc report builder.

   Part 1: Participant Services and Demographics, Participant Status, and Outcomes

   Part 2: Literacy and Numeracy, Placement History, Participant Recidivism

4: How To Enter MIS Data

This 11-video series provides an introductory training to all the required steps of MIS entry.

5: Getting Help

This 2 video series provides an overview of the different MIS resources available to users.