The data portal provides economic profiles, a regional innovation index and other relevant data for economic development practitioners, regional planners, community stakeholders, data analysts, and researchers., funded by a grant from the US Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA), contains a suite of data tools to assist with economic development strategy and regional policy-making.

The Innovation Index

One such tool is the Innovation Index, created by the Indiana Business Research Center (IBRC) to diagnose a region’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to innovation-driven economic activity.

In the latest stage of the Innovation Index’s development, it has been expanded to include more than 50 new measures of innovation and economic performance. These analytical tools help economic practitioners and policy-makers to assess regional weaknesses, strengths, and potential.

This project won an Award of Excellence recently at the University Economic Development Association’s annual conference.  It also received the Award of Excellence for Websites at the annual meeting of the Association for University Business and Economic Research.

The Regional Innovation Acceleration Network

The Regional Innovation Acceleration Network (RIAN) helps create and improve venture development organizations.  You may create your own innovation data profile for a custom region on the site.


Town, State and County Profiles

Use the economic profiles to find information on the demographic and workforce data for any of the 50 states.  The States in Profiles include data on population, housing, income and labor force data for any U.S. county.

The Towns in Profiles provide data using the latest 5-year estimates from the American Community Survey, with state comparisons.  There is also an Anywhere in the U.S. profile searching tool available. 

Or, you may build your own Neighborhood Profile.  Other geographic resources and tools are available as well.

Cluster Mapping

Uncover regional strengths by exploring industry and skill-based occupational clusters.  Cluster mapping tools help to understand clusters, improve institutions, and locate appropriate partners across the country.

Measuring Distress Tool

Using the Measuring Distress Tool, quickly calculate whether a county, region or neighborhood meets certain federal grant thresholds.

The Big Radius Tool

Using the Big Radius Tool, create a radius from 50-500 miles and view info on people, industries and workers.