A listing of all LMI training curriculum in each state has been gathered to determine the types of LMI training that are ongoing for front-line staff and workforce professionals in all states, with particular emphasis on labor market information. 

State LMI Training Directory

Under a Recovery Act-funded contract from the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) of the U.S. Department of Labor, the Manhattan Strategy Group (MSG) undertook a special study of training on workforce information throughout the country.

Descriptions of all the training programs have been catalogued, and this complete listing is being provided to the states and ETA as an information resource.

The purpose of this directory was to identify potential trainings that are replicable across multiple states.  Also outlined in this document is a review of the information-gathering process, and the specific criteria used in determining which type of training was included in the directory.

Please listen to Oregon LMI training in the WorkforceGPS Playlist.

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National Training

ETA developed the Quick Lesson Podcasts as a way to teach basic LMI concepts. 

Other LMI 101 training courses are available in the Fundamentals of LMI E-Learning series.

And, a demonstration of how to use LMI in a program's service delivery design is also available.

Please refer to the LMI Training Gateway portal for access to additional LMI training on how to use it in program planning, career counseling and labor market analysis.

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