American Community Survey (ACS) Narrative Profiles from the Census Bureau are short, analytic reports derived from the ACS 5-year estimates. Each Narrative Profile covers 15 different topic areas and provides text and bar charts to display highlights of selected social, economic, housing and demographic estimates for a selected geographic area. Socioeconomic and demographic data is important for labor market analysis and workforce planning. 

Data Profiles

Data Profiles have the most frequently requested social, economic, housing, and demographic data. Each of these four subject areas is a separate data profile. The data profiles summarize the data for a single geographic area, both numbers and percent, to cover the most basic data on all topics. These topics include:

  • Social Characteristics - includes Education, Marital Status, Relations, Fertility, Grandparents
  • Economic Characteristics - includes Income, Employment, Occupation, Commuting to Work
  • Housing Characteristics - includes Occupancy and Structure, Housing Value and Costs, Utilities
  • Demographic Characteristics - includes Sex and Age, Race, Hispanic Origin, Housing Units
WIOA Customers

Map Ed: Interactive Data Map

The National Center for Education Statistics offers an interactive data mapping tool that provides geographic context for educational, census and broader demographic data sets. You can create your own customized maps using the interactive data maps or by exploring pre-existing story maps.

Socioeconomic Data and Applications Data Center

The data center has extensive holdings related to population, sustainability, and geospatial data, and provides access to a large number of multilateral environmental agreements. SEDAC efforts include:

  • Human population distribution on a latitude-longitude grid (U.S. and global)
  • Human settlements and infrastructure, including roads, reservoirs, and dams
  • Ecosystem, agriculture, and wetlands data
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) socioeconomic scenarios
  • Environmental treaty status and texts
  • Environmental sustainability indicators
  • Global data on natural hazards, poverty, and air and water pollution
  • Map gallery and online mapping and query tools for key datasets