Workforce information advisory committees help guide the development and improvement of the nationwide workforce and labor market information system.  

This advisory committees counsel leadership on labor market trends and conditions, job outlook and wages, skill requirements of jobs, and a wide variety of other information that helps customers make decisions about their businesses, careers, training, and job search.

The Workforce Information Advisory Committee

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) mandated the creation of the Workforce Information Advisory Committee (WIAC), a federal advisory committee charged with providing focused and specialized recommendations to leadership on labor market information and the national employment statistics system.

The WIAC will address the evaluation and improvement of the nationwide workforce and labor market information system by:

  1. Studying workforce and labor market information issues;
  2. Seeking and sharing information on innovative approaches, new technologies, and data to inform employment, skills training, and workforce and economic development decision-making and policy-making; and
  3. Advising the Secretary on how the labor market information system can best support workforce development activities, planning and program development

The WIAC, which held its first meeting in the summer of 2016, replaces the function of the former Workforce Information Council (WIC) under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

The BLS Labor Market Information Oversight Council

In order to better serve its strategic planning and communication needs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) chartered the BLS LMI Oversight Council (BLOC). The BLOC will develop strategic plans for the BLS federal-state cooperative programs, it will provide governance for BLS Policy Councils, and it will be tasked with obtaining program input from and dispersing program information to BLS state partners.

The BLOC also will serve as a communication conduit to ensure that state concerns are heard at the federal level and that program information is dispersed to all states, to explore expanded use of LMI data, to conduct customer outreach, and to liaise with other teams, including the WIAC.


The Workforce Information Council Summary Report

The Workforce Information Council Summary Report

The former Workforce Information Council (WIC) under WIA undertook a Skills Initiative, and formed a study group to engage stakeholders from public policy and higher education in a dialogue around skills concepts and data.

The LMI Institute hosted the WIC Skills Initiative Forum and issued the Skills Initiative Summary Report on data to address skill needs.