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Quick Lesson Labor Market Data Podcast and Webinar Series

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The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and other data producers have created a series of podcast guides and brief webinars to help you identify and use labor force, industry, demographic and economic statistics.

ETA's Quick Lesson Podcasts 

ETA created its series of podcasts as instruction guides to help you identify and use labor market and workforce statistics.  The presentations' transcripts are written simply, and presume no previous subject matter or statistical knowledge. 

They should prove helpful for a broad variety of audiences and purposes, including grant applications, targeting growing industries and occupations, pinpointing labor market hardship, state and regional planning, and assessing program effectiveness.

Each lesson is comprised of a podcast roughly 10 minutes long plus a transcript of 2-3 pages.  The podcast and transcript can be used either separately or together.  The links cannot be accessed from inside the podcasts, but the podcasts include visuals not available in the transcripts.

           Teacher explaining LMI data on chart on wall

Some provide an overview of a topic (like unemployment data), while others explain in a step-by-step manner how to obtain a specific type of data or to use a specific data tool.  Each topical presentation includes basic definitions, a brief historical background, links to the most important sources (especially for state and local data), and practical tips on how to interpret and use the data and avoid common mistakes.  The tool- and data-specific presentations are designed to enable you to obtain useful data by the end of the lesson.

    2013 Podcasts  

  1. Unemployment data
  2. Dislocated worker data
  3. Employment projections
  4. Industry data
  5. Geographic data
  6. Economic data

        2011 Podcasts

    1. The Data Dozen:  Key Workforce Data and Information Sites
    2. Using E-Tools to Identify Growing Industries
    3. Using E-Tools to Identify Industry Concentration Ratios
    4. Using E-Tools to Identify Occupations 


    Other Data Producer Webinars and Training

    A number of other federal agencies and data associations offer webinars and provide basic training as well.  These include the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the LMI Institute and others.  Please see the links on the left to access the webpages describing their training offerings.


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