The goal of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) is to strengthen the public workforce system through information exchange, liaison, and advocacy.

NASWA provides a website of relevant workforce information, including for their committees, and other featured headlines and current events, such as reports on the current status of national Unemployment Insurance (UI) data integrity efforts.

The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) was founded during the Great Depression, and the early times of unemployment insurance and employment service programs. 

It is an association with members from state administrators of unemployment insurance laws, employment services, training programs, employment statistics and labor market information.

NASWA has several committees bringing together a wealth of expertise to discuss the pressing issues currently affecting state workforce agencies. The committees serve as a valuable forum for members to exchange information between state agencies, federal officials and other stakeholders who share similar interests in the workforce system.

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NASWA's nine standing committees include:

  • Administration and Finance;
  • Employment and Training;
  • Equal Opportunity;
  • Labor Market Information;
  • National Labor Exchange;
  • Technology;
  • Unemployment Insurance;
  • Unemployment Insurance Interstate Benefits Subcommittee;
  • Veterans Affairs.

LMI Directors' Committee

The NASWA State LMI Director's Committee works collaboratively with many LMI data producers and organizations to set its goals to further America's labor market information system.

The LMI Institute attends National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) Labor Market Information (LMI) Committee strategic planning sessions and meetings at the invitation of its Chair.  

Unemployment Insurance Committee

The UI Committee will work closely with the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Integrity Center to improve the integrity of the unemployment insurance program.

A Council for the Integrity Center has been created and includes many members of this Committee.  The Committee will work with the United States Department of Labor to review the work search requirements and make recommendations for policy options.