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The Center for Workforce Information & Analysis (CWIA) is the state of Pennsylvania's labor market information (LMI) unit.  Its LMI products and services support workforce and economic development by providing data for consumers.

CWIA creates an awareness of new and existing LMI tools for workforce professionals and business services. 

The CWIA provides training and research analysis as well as tools related to regional and industry cluster data analysis.

Industries and Occupations: The Keystones of LMI

This presentation focuses on labor market information (LMI) from the perspective of occupational and industry analysis and tools available.

Providing educators and guidance counselors with a basic understanding of the occupational data available is helpful to identify new careers for students in demand occupations.

Analyzing Pennsylvania's Employment Picture

This presentation use statewide and local area press releases to explain the different employment data that is available from the Center for Workforce Information & Analysis (CWIA). Emphasis is placed on specific occupations within manufacturing with a positive outlook and those in STEM careers. 

A Profile of Pennsylvania's Unemployed

The current labor market situation and the cost of unemployment point to the importance of going beyond profiling unemployed Pennsylvanians to implement policies that reduce unemployment and help the jobless. 

This report provides a fact-based foundation for research on the economic and social costs of unemployment, summarized near the end of this report.

Data shows that unemployment can have devastating effects on individuals and families. Long-term declines in annual earnings for dislocated workers fall in the range of 20 percent.  For a worker who was earning $50,000 per year, that’s an annual earnings loss of $10,000.


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