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Putting Data to Work in Employment and Training Programs

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Applying Labor Market Information to Service Delivery Design

The training presentations here identify some of the best multi-purpose e-tools that incorporate labor force information, job ads data, and other workforce-related information in one place — including a new resource that explains what kind of information is available from different e-tools. 

The transcripts associated with the training modules offer information and advice beyond that covered in the presentations.  For your convenience, the transcripts are annotated with references to the presentation slides, which closely mimic the experience of listening to the original webinar recording held for this training. 

Please note that, while some of these training materials were originally prepared for National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP) grantees or sector strategies planners, the same data sources and process of applying labor market information (LMI) will work for data-driven planning and counseling in all types of employment and training (E&T) programs.

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Targeting Demand Occupations for Labor Market Success

Drawing upon the best sources, ETA outlines the strengths and limitations of selecting or prioritizing key industries and targeting demand occupations for service delivery design, explaining common “high growth” and “good jobs,” to help you to avoid common pitfalls.

Depending upon what labor market outcomes you intend to achieve with your customers, you will select different datasets, occupational criteria, growth rates, numbers of job openings, replacement demand or other cut-off levels to filter or narrow down the data. 

Focusing on key industries by export, labor force size or market share, setting high demand or high growth occupational criteria, or even selecting quality job characteristics, all helps you to focus on those sectors of the labor market that are the most promising for the type of workforce intervention your service delivery is intended to achieve.

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