Today (March 26) three preeminent organizations leading America’s workforce development efforts announced a new collaboration: Advanced Workforce Analytics and Knowledge Exchange (AWAKE). The National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB), JFF (Jobs for the Future), and Innovate+Educate (I+E) developed AWAKE to integrate best practices, policy ideas, programmatic innovations, and the use of data and technology into the 550 workforce development boards and the 2,500 American Job Centers across the country, which impact more than 15 million Americans each year.

This new initiative will be highlighted by NAWB CEO Ron Painter at The Forum 2018, NAWB’s signature annual event which starts on March 24. Of note, The Forum will recognize both JFF and Innovate+Educate as ChangeMakers in workforce development. AWAKE will be led by Josh Copus, former NAWB COO, and housed within JFF’s recently announced JFFLabs, which provides strategy, innovation, and acceleration services to scale workforce and education solutions.

NAWB, JFF, and I+E believe that far too little focused effort has been devoted to understanding the existing marketplace. This scattershot approach to solution-building and product-testing has led to uneven application of new technologies and the absence of a roadmap and process for how to improve practices from an operational, financial, and strategic standpoint. AWAKE will research, examine, measure and rank local efforts across the country that bridge policy, programmatic innovation, and the use of data and technology within this workforce system that connects regional employers to centers that support Americans.

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