View Census Bureau Business Builder Update 2.3 Update Live; QWI Data Available; Feedback Sought

A December 21 advisory from the Census Bureau’s Andrew Hait:

I am proud to announce that the 2.3 update to the Census Business Builder suite of tools went live this morning.  This release adds a number of new content and features that our users have been long-asking for.  The updates include new content (including labor force data from the Quarterly Workforce Indicators dataset) and exciting new features (including new Map Customization options).  For our economic development users of the Regional Analyst Edition of CBB, you can now build regions in RAE from one or more states, counties, cities/towns, or ZIP codes (the first and last options are new). There are also many other enhancements in this release, including many usability improvements for our mobile device-users of CBB.

What's in Version 2.3

New and Expanded Content:

  • Revised Demographic data (from the 2012-2016 American Community Survey)
  • More Agriculture data (now at the county level too)
  • New Labor force data from the Quarterly Workforce Indicators dataset (for 2- thru 4-digit NAICS codes at the state and county levels)
  • Revised Consumer Spending data (now Per Household instead of Per Capita)

New Features:

  • Customize Map Classes (quantile and equal interval) and Color Palette (2-, 3-, and 5-color options)
  • Choose Basemap (topographic, imagery, and dark)
  • Margins of Error displayed in map Data Dashboard
  • Other performance tweaks


View flyers that provide an Overview of the Small Business and Regional Analyst Editions of CBB.

  Census Business Builder: Small Business Edition Version 2.3 [<1.0 MB]

  Census Business Builder: Regional Analyst Edition Version 2.3 [1.3 MB]

Check it out at: and please send me your comments and feedback.