View Census Bureau American Community Survey Updates; New Tools for Data Exploration and Visualization Announced; New ACS Releases Scheduled for October and December

In conjunction with its release of the “New American Community Survey Statistics for Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Available for States and Local Areas” last week (with significant coverage by the media), the Census Bureau provided these updates.

New Data Exploration Platform

The U.S. Census Bureau is currently working to streamline online data dissemination to be more customer-driven and user friendly by creating one centralized and standardized platform to underlie the search on Beginning September 14, some 2016 American Community Survey statistics, including detailed tables, data profiles, subject tables, and comparison profiles, will be available on the preview site at, in parallel with the data released on American Factfinder. We encourage you to take a look at and provide your thoughts on our work in progress at

New Data Visualization Tools

The U.S. Census Bureau has a new way for people to explore ACS data through two new data visualization tools.

The ACS Data Wheel allows users to explore ACS data for all 50 states.

The Data Wheel Dashboard includes a bar graph and map of the U.S. highlighting ACS characteristics for all 50 states. 

Additional Annual Releases

2016 American Community Survey Supplemental Tables

On October 19, the Census Bureau will release American Community Survey supplemental tables. These tables contain high level statistics for communities with populations of 20,000 or more, compared to the 65,000 population minimum for the standard American Community Survey one-year statistics.

2012-2016 American Community Survey Statistics

On December 7, the Census Bureau will release American Community Survey five-year statistics (2012-2016), which are available for all geographic areas regardless of population size, down to the block-group level. A media embargo begins Dec. 5. A prerelease technical webinar will take place prior to the release.