The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has published a sixty-day 

Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) notice for Workforce Information Grants to States (WIGS).

Comments are due by December 9, 2019. The October 10, 2019 Federal Register Notice

provides full background and instructions for the submission of comments.


The ACS is the premier dataset for state and local data

The ACS is the premier dataset for state and local data

The WIGS information collection ensures that the Secretary of Labor meets WIOA requirements, and 

that the states complete grant deliverables funded under Title III of WIOA, the Wagner-Peyser 

Employment Services program, which includes career information provision and labor exchange services.


The WIGS deliverables include a state economic analyses, special workforce information/economic studies or

products, and the state Labor Market Information (LMI) department's annual performance report.

ETA makes use of the labor market information produced by state WIGS grantees primarily

to serve four customer groups: 

1.the public (including job seekers and employers); 

2.labor market intermediaries who help individuals find a job or make career decisions

(such as employment and school counselors, case managers at American Job Centers, and 

community-based organizations); 

3.policymakers and employment and economic program planners and operators; and

4.miscellaneous other customers, including researchers, commercial data providers, and the news media.


For more information about the WIGS deliverables, workforce information data collection and labor market

information products ETA funds, please refer to: 

1.the WIGS resource page, and 

2.the guidance ETA issued in TEGL 5-19, “Program Year (PY) 2019 Workforce and

Labor Market Information Grants to States (WIGS): Program Guidance and Deliverables.”