The Administration under the leadership of Vice President Biden released a plan to expand the number of pathways for Americans to gain the skills they need to get better, higher-paying jobs and increase access to those pathways.  

On January 30, 2014, President Barack Obama directed Vice President Joseph Biden to lead a government-wide review of federal programs in the workforce and training system to ensure they can equip the nation's workers with skills matching the needs of employers looking to hire.

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The review culminated in an action plan to make the system more job-driven, integrated, and effective.

To inform the development of the action plan, agencies were asked to summarize the evidence on adult and youth job training strategies and programs to "...determine what information is lacking and identify future research and evaluation that can be undertaken to ensure the Federal programs invest in effective practices."

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This vision, prepared by the Secretaries of Labor, Commerce, Education, Health and Human Services, and other Federal agencies and staff, presents the results of that evidence summary.

The overarching vision is a job-driven training system that, as the President states, “ trains our workers first based on what employers are telling us they’re hiring for and helps business design training programs so that we’re creating a pipeline into jobs that are actually out there.” 


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

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