The National Association of Workforce Agencies (NASWA) schedules regular meetings for its Labor Market Information (LMI) Committee. 

As a result of its work, the LMI Committee released one of its products - a report entitled, "Labor Market Information Shops as Assets for Workforce Development:  Lessons and Examples from Three States."

About NASWA's LMI Committee

To assist leadership and workforce development professionals, the NASWA LMI Committee, made up of representatives from its member states, advocates for labor market information system innovations. 

Ensuring access to quality data assists states in making data-driven decisions that result in positive labor market outcomes for customers.

Report on LMI Shops as Assets for Workforce Development

In January 2017, NASWA's LMI Committee released its report how state LMI departments are valuable assets to the workforce development system. 

The report showcased the efforts of Utah, Michigan, and Washington, demonstrating the value-added products and services each state contributes to the workforce development system.  The full report is available in the link to the left on this page.


Other Data Sharing Sub-Committee Reports

The NASWA LMI Committee sponsors a Data Sharing Sub-Committee, which has examined more closely specialized issues related to data access and infrastructure. 

The Sub-Committee has also issued a number of reports, such as on the sharing of administrative data between state LMI offices and the use of driver's license data by LMI shops.

Meetings of the NASWA LMI Committee 

The next NASWA LMI Committee meeting is scheduled for April 19-20, 2017 in Chicago, IL.

At these regularly scheduled meetings, members continue their work to improve the quality and infrastructure of the nation's LMI system.