The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a number of advisory committees that provide consultation and feedback on data program design and operations.  Most of these committees meet on a semi-annual basis, and meetings are posted in advance.

In order to best serve the information needs of its diverse user communities, BLS requires ongoing feedback from its customer base.

The National Research Council volume on Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency prescribes that agencies obtain outside review through various channels, including standing advisory committees, to ensure "quality and professional standards of practice."

BLS Technical Advisory Committee

The BLS Technical Advisory Committee (BLSTAC) provides advice and make recommendations to the BLS) on technical aspects of the survey collection of data and formulation of economic measures.

The BLS presents issues to the BLSTAC, and then draws on the expertise of Committee members, who represent specialized fields within the academic disciplines of economics, statistics and survey design.

BLS Data Users Advisory Committee

The Data Users Advisory Committee (DUAC) provides advice to the BLS from the points of view of data users from various sectors of the U.S. economy, including the labor, business, research, academic and government communities. 

The Committee is responsible for providing the Commissioner of Labor Statistics input on priorities of users, suggestions concerning changes; and advice on potential innovations in data analysis, dissemination, and presentation.

BLS Labor Market Information (LMI) Oversight Council

The BLS LMI Oversight Council (BLOC) provides governance for the BLS Policy Councils.

The BLOC ensures that state concerns are heard at the federal level, and that program information is dispersed to all states to explore expanded use of LMI data, to conduct customer outreach, and to coordinate with other groups.

The Workforce Information Advisory Council

This federal advisory committee is mandated to carry out labor market information (LMI) advisory functions under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

The Workforce Information Advisory Council (WIAC) is a joint partnership of the Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration and the BLS.

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Federal Economics Statistics Advisory Committee

The BLS is also a member of the Federal Economic Statistics Advisory Committee (FESAC) under the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA).

The FESAC advises the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), the Census Bureau, and the BLS on technical matters related to the collection, tabulation, and analysis of federal economic statistics.