The National Skills Coalition (NSC) holds webinars that occasionally cover data-related topics, such as providing information on apprenticeship data or on collaborations related to workforce data.

The Value of Apprenticeship Data

The National Skills Coalition (NSC) and its initiative, the Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC), jointly hosted a webinar on May 26, 2016 to provide an overview of apprenticeship information in the United States and the current state of apprenticeship data available.

For more background, see the WDQC's Registered Apprenticeship Data FAQ in the link to the left, or view the slide deck from the webinar.


External Collaboration on Workforce Data

The Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC), a project of the National Skills Coalition, held a webinar on April 14, 2016 to highlight examples of how states are turning to external entities to analyze data to better inform workforce development.

This webinar content presented information in the WDQC paper: "Making the Most of Workforce Data: State Collaboration with External Entities for Actionable Research."