The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) mandated the creation of the Workforce Information Advisory Council (WIAC), an advisory committee charged with providing focused and specialized leadership on the labor market information (LMI) system.

The WIAC held its first meeting in July of 2016 in Washington, DC.  Detailed agendas for its meetings, and notices of opportunity for members of the public to address the WIAC, are available on WIAC's Homepage.

About the WIAC Committee for LMI

The WIAC is made up of experts, who address the evaluation and improvement of the nationwide LMI system, and its statewide systems by:

  1. Studying workforce and labor market information issues;
  2. Seeking and sharing information on innovative approaches, new technologies, and data to inform employment, skills training, and workforce and economic development decision-making and policy-making; and
  3. Advising the Secretary on how the labor market information system can best support workforce development activities, planning and program development.      


The WIAC Mission and Membership under WIOA

The WIAC provides LMI recommendations to the Secretary of Labor, working jointly through the Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Administration (ETA), and the Commissioner of Labor Statistics.

The recommendations address the evaluation and improvement of federal and state workforce and LMI systems, and how the department and the states will cooperate in the management of those data systems.

The 14-member WIAC includes:

  • Four state workforce information or labor market information directors,
  • Four state workforce agency administrators, and
  • One member representing each of the following constituent groups:
  • Business
  • Economic Development
  • Labor Organizations
  • WIOA Title I training providers
  • Local workforce development boards
  • University or research entities.

WIAC Charter and Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Please see the links on this page for more information about the WIAC, including the ETA announcement to renew the WIAC charter and where to find the schedule of WIAC meetings.  To join meetings via phone, dial the conference line 1-800-201-5203, and enter the code 333372#.