The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) offers a wide range of data about employment and characteristics of the labor force.

Check out "About the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics" to learn more.

There's a Stat for That and More Videos

The BLS created this brief Youtube presentation to convey the variety of data it can provide you in a very simple way.  Please enjoy the video in the link included on this page.

Theres a Stat for That

Other videos are also available, such as the one that explains the results from the BLS Occupational Employment Survey:  Get ready to test your knowledge of occupations in the United States!

Find more videos on the BLS YouTube channel.

BLS Economic News Releases

The BLS issues frequent news releases and employment summaries to keep you up to date on the current state of the labor force. 

The news releases summarize the results of surveys and data calculations conducted by BLS data programs, and can provide an overview of specific trends in the workforce.

Describing the World of Work and Occupations

BLS creates and distributes many products to help us understand the world of work and occupations in industries.  This includes its Occupational Outlook Handbook, and a Periodic Table of STEM Occupations.

Periodic Table of STEM Occupations

BLS Tutorials

BLS offers a variety of tutorials on how to use their data products and their website, including a webinar on their most requested data series.  The tutorials cover:

  • Data retrieval tools,
  • Calculators, 
  • Maps,
  • Handbooks, and
  • Data profiles.

Latest BLS Data Releases and Data Tools

The BLS also has a schedule published to keep you informed of when their next data series will be issued with updated numbers.  Stay up to date with the newest numbers from the datasets they offer. 

See also the improved local area unemployment statistics (LAUS) mapping tool, and the BLS Local Data App.

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