The LMI Institute and Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) host monthly webinars and training to help you learn about labor market information (LMI) tools and apply labor market data.

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LMI Institute Training Courses and C2ER Webinars

The LMI Institute and C2ER offer webinars and training to members on relevant topics, which are informational sessions that are free of charge.  On their website, you can see upcoming webinars and training courses that are scheduled and have already been conducted.

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Basic and Applied LMI Analyst Training

The LMI Institute in cooperation with C2ER, offers a comprehensive training program for LMI professionals and applied researchers.

Periodic trainings (both basic and applied) are offered for LMI analysts.  Additional courses on the interpretation of LMI are offered to key customer groups.  Customized trainings are also available.

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Special LEHD and Other Data Tool Webinars

C2ER offers monthly webinars on the Local Employment Dynamics (LED) data program as well as other data sources.

For example, the Census Bureau presented "Using Longitudinal Employer-Household Data (LEHD) to Analyze Economic Development Districts," which described how LEHD data can be combined with other data sources, such as the National Establishment Time-Series (NETS) database, to better understand the dynamics of workers, and to help track the effect of incentives over time.

WIC Summary Report

The Workforce Information Council (WIC) under the former Workforce Investment Act (WIA) pursued in a Skills Initiative, and formed a study group to engage stakeholders from public policy and higher education in a dialogue around skills concepts and data.

The LMI Institute hosted the WIC Skills Initiative forum and issued the Skills Initiative Summary Report on data to address skill needs.

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