The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) presents unique moment in time for workforce leadership to champion innovation, and enhance the effectiveness of a highly integrated workforce system complete with co-located partners, procured service providers, and shared resource leveraging.

Visionary Leadership and Quality Governance

In such a complex service delivery network, leadership and governance are crucial to making partnerships, establishing referral process and negotiating the terms of memoranda of understanding (MOUs), co-location arrangements, cost sharing agreements, and non-financial agreements.

In addition, leadership communicates the vision that forms the guidepost for program planning and staff development. 

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Ultimate Goal:  Changing your Labor Market

Strategic planning that is responsive to labor market conditions, and that results in economic prosperity for all customers, requires leadership and vision in labor market-relevant planning, as well as evaluation, assessments, data-driven decision-making, and collaboration to best meet the needs of special populations, jobseekers, workers and businesses alike.

A combined business and compliance plan serves as a roadmap for achieving the labor market outcomes desired for your customers and needed to achieve greater economic prosperity for your community.

On Course for a Return on Investment

Selecting the most appropriate program designs to address the challenges identified in your labor market's environmental scan, and enhancing an integrated network of services and community resources will help you implement data-driven strategies to attain a return on investment for the funding, assets and staff resources you employ.

Involved and active governance can make a huge difference in terms of efficiency and return on investment for the funds targeted for specific workforce activities.


Enhancing Workforce Leadership

In addition, something very significant is happening in Workforce Development!  With a labor market in flux, and public resources shrinking, workforce leaders are finding new ways to advance workforce development goals in their communities by finding new ways to lead.

This collection of resources documents insights and practices, as examples of how to enhance a community's prosperity.